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How to Cite

Council on East Asian Libraries. Council on East Asian Libraries Statistics. in University of Kansas Libraries [database online].
          Lawrence, KS, 2013. Available from http://lib.ku.edu/ceal/php/.


New library/institution need to establish an account to join the database. Contact Vickie Fu Doll (vdoll at ku.edu) to complete a new Library Information Form. The Library Information Form is used as an application to join the CEAL Statistics annual survey.

Change password

From CEAL Database:

  • Log-in to the database as a user
  • After you log in to the database, you can change your password immediately by clicking on Change Password link.
    (Tip: "To increase security, please choose a password that does not relate directly to you. Do not use your first name or birthday. Your password is NOT case sensitive. You can use both numeric and character values.").
  • RE-ENTER the database with the new password.

CEAL Statistics Online Forms

You may find complete instruction for online form each year in CEAL Statistics main page.
Scroll down toward the end of the Instructions, you may find the detailed instruction for inputting/changing Library Information Form.

You can also view example of online survey forms HERE.

If you have further questions regarding online forms and this database, please contact Vickie Fu Doll (vdoll atsign ku.edu).